Friday, September 4, 2015

Walgreens Haul

Hello and happy Tuesday lovelies!
I hope the beginning of this week is finding you well!  It is a beautiful day here and there are robins everywhere so hopefully that means Spring will be upon us sooner rather than later!

On Friday I had some time to kill so I decided to stop into a local Walgreens and just "have a look around." I should always know better than to think I will come out of Walgreens (or any drugstore for that matter) without at least a few make-up items to try and add to my current collection.  Well it was particularly bad this weekend because there is a pretty awesome sale going on...and I just got paid. So that happened.  

If you shop at Walgreens at all you know there are the usual "Buy-1-Get-1-50% off" sales for a lot of their make-up products which is a great deal if you want to try a couple different colors of the same item or if you have a holy grail item and want to stock up.  However, it is pretty rare for them to have sales where you can get an item for 50% off by itself.  Surprisingly there are quite a few items right now that are 50% off or $2.00 off just by themselves! Awesome, right? I think so. So here are a few items that I got to try, some are new some I've tried before and just wanted a few more colors to try!  Hope you enjoy!!

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Shade 091-Light Ivory

I first heard about this foundation on Beauty Broadcast Express (which I love and watch everyday).  It had a pretty good review for people without dry skin issues, or for someone who needs a long-wearing foundation.  While I do have some dry skin issues (especially in the winter) I really need a foundation that lasts a long time because I just don't have time to be touching up my make-up all the time!  I've been meaning to try this foundation for a week or two now and when I saw it was on sale I snatched one up to try!!
Regular Price at Walgreens: $5.49  Sale Price:  $2.74

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick Shades (from left to right) 102 and 12

I'll just come out and say it, I love these lipsticks. I already own some and have absolutely no complaints. They don't dry my lips out too much and they have a really decent lasting power (especially when layered over a lip liner). As I was browsing the drug store I saw this really pretty pink shade and this bright coral and just had to have them!  Now, sometimes I have trouble finding pink shades that work on me, some make me look dead while other make me look like I just got done eating a cherry popsicle, neither of which are really what I am going for.  This pink looks to me like it is neutral enough to work for my skin tone so I thought I would try it! And to be honest I just have a really deep love for coral lip colors, especially in the spring and summer, and really love this one because it has the same neutral color quality that works so well on me!
Regular Price at Walgreens:  $5.49 Sale Price: $2.74

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Shade 20-Pink Rebel

Two words: Radiant Orchid.  I love the Pantone Color of the Year. It works well with my coloring and I just love this pink-y purple-y shade in general.  I saw this color, and while it wasn't on sale, have been dying to try and orchid eye look and this is the first eye product that really stood out to me as being a true orchid (not too much pink, not too much purple) so I grabbed it! Keep an eye out for a tutorial in the very near future!
Price at Walgreens:  $6.99

Almay Liquid Lip Balm Shades (from left to right) 400-Lilac Love, 900-Apricot Pucker and 700 Cantaloupe Cream

These little lovelies caught my eye because of the gorgeous colors. I grabbed an pretty deep orchid color (yay Pantone) and a deep coral and a lighter coral.  I mainly picked up the darker coral to coordinate with the deep coral lipstick and I just liked the others.  I just realized they were buy-1-get-1 50% off so I really should have picked up another but oh well.  These were all different prices so I'll just post the regular price but I did get one for 50% off and one for $2 off as well.
Regular Price at Walgreens:  $5.79

So that's what I got on Friday! Expect reviews with swatches and tutorials using some of these items in the near future! Have a wonderful day lovelies!

Much love!

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(Originally Published in May of 2014)

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